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Spring Sunshine

As colour and trend forecasters, we are always looking ahead to the future, and dreaming of things yet to come. But it is always useful to consider the present time, and look around at new trends emerging at retail level. Spring Summer 2017 promises to offer us a riot of beautiful bold colours. Here we focus on the yellow colour family, looking back at our colour trends in Luminary Colour Spring Summer 2017, and visualising how these colours are working now for retail.

Luminary Spring Summer 2017, published July 2015

When we created the Luminary Spring Summer 2017 book, back in June 2015, we were so keen on yellow being a key colour, that I even chose it for the inside cover of the book! We work with Colorplan papers by G.F. Smith, and this paper is called is ‘Factory Yellow.’

Yellow is the sunshine, it warms our tired bodies after the long, cold winter months. Yellow is a signal that Spring has arrived, as we see daffodils and primroses popping their heads up at last. Yellow is Easter chicks and sherbet lemons, yellow is custard and saffron, it can be sweet or sour. Yellow is fun, naïve and youthful, yellow makes us happy!

Luminary Colour Swatches Spring Summer 2017

Luminary colour ‘LC-0763 lemon ice’ is not a pastel lemon, it is citrus fresh and zingy. In Spring 2017, we are not talking about fifties pale colours, these candy lemons are strong, bold colours – and the catwalks were awash with it.

Spring Summer 2017 Ready to wear collections, Vogue

London retail March 2017, Luminary Photography

Yellow is a difficult colour to wear, for many. Bright sunshine and daffodil often does not sit well with a pale, white skin. At Luminary we spend hours creating unique colours which are useful and wearable. For SS17 we developed a palette of glowing, golden tones, around the yellow colour family. From ‘inca gold’ to ‘bronzed’, these golden shades work well across women’s and men’s clothing, they are more grownup, a little more sophisticated.

London retail March 2017, Luminary Photography. SS2017 Ready to wear collections, Vogue

As turmeric takes the health-conscious London set by storm (fresh turmeric tea or turmeric G&T, anyone?), this new wellbeing food, is inspiring a spiced golden colour palette across the runways and on home products. From curry to deep gold, this bold colourway is set to continue. A key category to watch in this colourway is outerwear, from cotton dustercoats to spring down layers, brighten up spring with a touch of gold.

London retail March 2017, Luminary Photography

These refined, deeper levels of gold are perfect, enduring colours for the homeware markets. From velvet sofas to cushions and towels, interior textiles are awash with deep ochre tones in 2017. And in the kitchen, this colour is a perfect accent, use as a centre piece in a hand thrown ceramic salad bowl, or bold ochre napkins for a spring supper. Brighter yellows are perfect for childrenswear and kids interiors.

Luminary Colour Book Spring Summer 2017

Luminary Photography

Luminary Colour Book Spring Summer 2017

All Luminary Colour Swatches are available to order, as a large scale cotton fabric swatch. We now have 900 colours in the Luminary Colour Library.


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