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Issue 30 | Love

Luminary Issue 30 is created with Love. Six stories rooted in a deep love of colour (naturally). We have a desire to place love at the forefront of how we design and how we work collaboratively toward a better future.

“When we choose to love, we choose to move against fear, against alienation and separation. The choice to love is a choice to connect, to find ourselves in the other.”

Bell Hooks

Celebrating over fifteen years of publishing Luminary forecast books, Issue 30 showcases a new design layout, offering even more colour insight. Now with 114 pages of deep research, hundreds of colour palette combinations and original photography created for Luminary by global artists.

We are stepping into a new Renaissance era - a story of rich embellishment and vintage treasures collected from Egypt to Istanbul. Love is a powerful force to drive us forward, opening our hearts to a hopeful future.

Gilded, lacquered and decorated surfaces glint and glimmer in the lamplight. Golden greens are glossy and decadent, rich olive oil and changeant velvet shimmer.

In each of our stories you will find extraordinary artists and artisans who are driven by a love of their craft and a vision of a positive future for our planet. We zoom into the beauty of the natural world with microscopic and biological fabrications.

This set of colours simulate nature at her highest level, from the deep green-blue shimmer of a hummingbird feather to the iridescent inky-purple of a sea anemone.

In times of global chaos it is a natural desire to seek out stories which offer comfort, beauty or romance. Design is a nostalgic fantasy, as creatives use their craft to weave together stories of childhood memories, regenerating vintage materials and long-forgotten family heirlooms.

We create baby colours for grown-ups in need of comforting, baby blue and sugar mint offer sweet distraction. Pastel colours for overblown knits, puffed outerwear and marshmallow soft bedding.

Pre-order Luminary Issue 30 today and you will receive the full digital pdf book, download library and colour palettes into your inbox. Plus you will be the first to receive shipment of our printed colour books and 60 textile swatches at the end of March.

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