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Joanne Lamb | Imbolc

Working at the pace of nature through woven artworks

Image courtesy of Joanne Lamb


+ Creator | Joanne Lamb

+ Country | Ireland

+ Colour | Seasonally harvested natural dyes

+ Challenge | How can craft integrate a holistic approach to making?


Image courtesy of Joanne Lamb

Joanne Lamb is an artist whose practice is deeply rooted in art, nature, and joy. She is an Irish artist specialising in woven textiles who often incorporates basketry techniques into her fragile one-off artworks.

Driven by a desire to connect with and preserve the beauty of nature, by tuning into the cycles and seasons she hopes to communicate what the planet has given us, to inspire a deeper appreciation of the natural world. Her artworks are humble prompts for reconsidering sustainability and equity in our relations with the natural world.

Image courtesy of Joanne Lamb

"I create from remembered landscapes which I carry within me - and remembered sensations of them. I’m not trying to mirror nature but convey the impression I’ve been left with.” Joanne Lamb

Her intricate creations are an embodiment of the artist experiences of nature, expressed by working with natural fibres and pigments derived through botanical bundle dying with flowers including hyacinth, bluebells, wisteria, magnolia, cherry blossom and laburnum.

Image courtesy of Joanne Lamb

This holistic approach informs the title of the collection, Imbolc, named after the ancient Celtic festivity celebrating the birth of new life at the start of Spring. The celebration historically honoured the goddess Brigid who represented womanhood, poetry, craft and prophecy.

Image courtesy of Joanne Lamb

I am fascinated by the skill, imagination and ingenuity of humans that have come before me to make beautiful objects with plants. Through weaving, twining, bending, and dyeing, I am in constant dialogue with the natural materials while I create." Joanne Lamb

Materiality is an essential aspect of the creative process: juxtaposing the tatami paper yarn structure with textural natural fibres such as wool, mohair, silk, cotton and linen, that enhances the beautiful tactile quality of each piece.

Image courtesy of Joanne Lamb


Artist Contacts

Instagram | @joannelambstudio


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