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Our colour tools and inspiration will enable you to rethink the future of colour.


Inspiration | Creation | Communication

Client Projects that enable our partners to relook at how they approach colour and materials.


Colour | Materials | Collaboration

What we do

In an industry of increasingly engineered ideas, Luminary gives designers and creatives an immersive journey into the world of colour. Anna’s approach is designed to draw her clients away from their desks, to rethink our role as creatives and makers today. The studio’s approach is underpinned by an intrepid spirit, infectious curiosity and deep conscious awareness. Leaving no stone unturned in her research, exploration and discovery; Anna is naturally inquiring, disrupting the established design systems, and challenging the role of colour and material innovation, in driving vital industry change.

Our Approach

Our approach is defined by 3 clear steps:


  • Turning colour insight into future design directions

  • Meaningful + relevant visual storytelling

  • An informed viewpoint, guiding design futures

  • Colour swatch library and digital colour palettes


  • Engage in sustainable decision-making 

  • Evolve your brand colour + material approach

  • Transform internal colour strategy

  • Help clients to thrive in this turbulent climate


  • Gathering ground-breaking insight

  • Unearth and explore radical innovation

  • Collaborate with material specialists

  • Hopeful invention and vital inspiration

Studio Research: Diving deep into global material innovation and colour futures.


Insight | Inquiry | Innovation

Creative Direction: Future design insight that guides global design teams teams.


Storytelling | Visualise | Rethink

We work with some of the world’s leading brands; in fashion, lingerie, beauty, home and automotive industries. 

Our Clients

Our Work

There has never been a more important time to design well. Luminary is a Think Tank for transformative ideas, a curious platform to explore innovation, encouraging our network to rewrite the future of design.

Luminary Flower Swatch 2.png

It has been an exciting year working with Anna, it has made us look at our product in a completely different way. Colour, and the emotional connection it has to our customers is now at the forefront of our conversations and decision making."

Alex Gort-Barten, Dualit

Anna shows us colour through a REvitalized lens. Luminary offers us all the chance to REthink how we live and how we design, it is a deeper understanding of the innovative nature of design and its boundless potential to drive social change."

Clothing Director, New York

I was lucky enough to listen to Anna at one of her hot-ticket talks on colour trends and I was just entranced. Her passion, innate creativity and ability to construct mouthwatering colour palettes just blew me away and a fan girl crush was born!"

Sophie Robinson, Interiors

0032 Luminary cover ss21 INTRO_edited.jpg

“It is estimated that 80% of the environmental impact of a product is determined at the design stage.” Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

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