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Lockdown Letter

Luminary is so much more than a book about colour inspiration. Luminary is a reflection, of the current global awakening, the conscious shift; Luminary is a search for a better way of living. We are living through extraordinary times, and there is an undeniable need for us all to gather, learn and unlearn with fresh eyes. I continue to create Luminary because I care deeply about the future of our planet.

Luminary is hand-made and self-published, a bi-annual deep dive into the vision of global colour consultant Anna Starmer. Anna works independently building original stories and direction for global clients. Each colour is matched by Anna, whether technical dye fabric or digital CMYK. Each story is created with love and is intended to ignite a new way of looking at the power of colour and design – from inside our toxic industry.

What does the future look like? We simply cannot continue to make Luminary, without trying to implement global renewal strategies. More than ever before the future decisions you make around colour and design, are a direct reflection of your values. We create our future in how we spend our time, money and energy. Use your power for positive effect, chose a path which is luminous, truthful, kind and bright.

Luminary can no longer be a book simply about the future of colour and trend. The word ‘trend’ implies short-lived, fast-paced, disposable and trashy. Our books are no longer restricted by a ‘season’. At Luminary we create timeless colour and stories with eternal appeal. Luminary clients use the tools we create in unique and individual ways. It is time now to invest in long term design strategies, build heirloom items with quality and longevity at heart.

How can we plan, prepare and create for 2 years ahead within a global pandemic? Consumers today are demanding long term, ethical solutions, which they can rely on and believe in. We urge the brands we partner with to make change to the way in which they source, manufacture and sell. As the sun sets on many old-fashioned retailers, it becomes vital for survival to step into a new way of doing things.

‘Business as usual’ – is no longer acceptable.

Let’s lean on each other a little more. We cannot single-handedly affect real change. It will take visionary leadership, imagination and collaboration to create more just, inclusive and sustainable creative industries. We can listen, learn and share. Luminary strives to bring together the world-shaking power of co-creativity and co-operation, let’s build a new community.

Our time here is precious. Our natural ecosphere is fragile. All of the Luminary themes, colour palettes and insights are developed with a planet-first attitude. You are now familiar with the ideas of ‘rewilding’ and ‘plant-based’ ethics within the entire sphere of design and manufacturing. We understand that not all solutions even exist right now. But we believe that if enough of us start asking the right questions – and demanding change throughout the entire supply chain – that we can affect change.

‘Greenwashing’ – when brands and governments promote their eco-conscious values without any real action or change.

These times are filled with human transformation, global upheaval and change. As we approach the future, business leaders and design directors alike are looking for new tools and new ideologies. The insights and strategic thinking developed within Luminary, offers brand leaders brave new directions. Allow this book to illuminate the path ahead, and steer you toward creating a brighter future reality.

The pace of our industry will never be as it was before. Global brands are stepping off the fashion calendar, and playing to their own rhythm. A more focussed approach leads to smaller collections, and less product. This is not a quick-fix solution, we are all on a slow beautiful path of illumination and change.

I believe that it is our responsibility as designers, buyers, retailers, marketeers, manufacturers, CEO’s and human citizens of earth – to create, implement and search out brave new solutions and brand new ideas, in the face of global catastrophe. Be the change you want to see. Start your own revolution.

Luminary is a global colour and design futures studio offering new ideas to international retailers and brands. Our books, workshops and seminars engage our clients in rethinking how we look at the future of your brand. We aim to use colour and the power of design to transform how manufacturers, and consumers engage in product, shopping and the modern need for ‘more’.

We work in apparel, interiors, beauty, packaging and marketing. Anna is committed to playing her role in the conscious regeneration of our industry. We help our clients to curate exceptional and sustainable quality, timeless design and beautiful colours, which your customers will fall in love with.

All images and words by Anna Starmer | ©annastarmer 2020


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