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Light Reality

In Luminary issue 19 – Spring Summer 2020 – I created a theme called ‘Light Reality’. From light-filled colour to living more ‘lightly’ on earth, this theme seems to deeply resonate with how we need to step forward from now. As lockdown starts to ease and we rethink every aspect of living, can we cleanse and lighten the way we design, create and manufacture?

On 20 June in the Northern hemisphere, the sun is at its highest, and we sit in the longest day, Midsummer. These light filled hours offer us the perfect opportunity to pause and shine light on the things which are most important right now. On June 20-21 2020 there is a solar eclipse and a new moon all falling on the solstice. Eclipses illuminate what is hidden in the shadows, offering insight and clarity as we focus on realigning ourselves and our future. Take time to go slowly over the coming days, and be kind to yourself.

1. Andalucia 2. Tulum, Mexico 3. Malaga, Spain

Luminary 2020 - Cleansing Colour - 2020 offers us a new beginning, a different future path is opening up ahead. As we enter into this new decade we have been given an opportunity to begin again, refresh and realign ourselves to a more clean and light existence on the planet. The spaces and places we inhabit have shifted in importance and meaning or use. The colours, materials and things we choose to surround ourselves with – have a direct impact on our wellbeing and health.

1. 10 Corso Como, Milan 2. Ithaca, Greece

Conscious Awakening - A new level of conscious living and conscious consuming is taking hold, humans are waking up and realising the important part we play in the entire natural ecosphere. Every decision you make has a direct influence on the health of our planet. As we strive for change, we are raising our knowledge, we are ready to listen and learn about a new way of being human. Each day is like a blank canvas, a new page in a book. Can we step forward into a new future path with kindness and a new conscious awareness of others, and of what is truly important to all humans on earth?

1. Milan 2. Barcelona 3. New York

Season-less Colour - Layers of light-filled pales offer us space and calm within our homes. Simple use of tinted colours allow room to breathe. Surfaces and materials are natural, locally sourced and have a timeless appeal. This story spans way beyond season, these soft ideologies on design will have a long term benefit and appeal. These carefully curated light shades will underpin our design aesthetics for seasons to come.

‘Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Luminary Colour Swatches available to order

Be Gentle with yourself - We are looking to live in harmony, in a light, balanced and uncomplicated way. We can strive for an idealistic vision of a simpler and gentler way of living which soothes both the body, mind and the spirit. Embrace new technology in partnership with ancient spirituality, as innovation and meditation can both lead us onto a more harmonious way of living.

Pale surfaces - Un-dyed, unbleached and uncontaminated materials and fibres in their natural state offer us a palette of subtle shades with an everlasting appeal. Colours are luminous, light-filled and almost translucent. White is never truly white, as we embrace the nuances of true colour and shade. Natural organic fibres, chalky ceramic or stone and sun-bleached palest wood all enhance the softened quality of these colours.

1. Italy 2. Morocco 3. Bathroom in Love Colour

Daydreaming - In the home, these delicate shades and tints come into their own. Layering subtle levels of powder, linen, buff and lichen will evoke a tranquil, calm environment which soothes your tired spirit. Bare plaster walls or natural clay paints have a matte finish. In the summer months sunlight floods into uncluttered pale environments. Semi-opaque curtains billow in the summer breeze. The scent of sea air and dusty beach paths floats in through the open window. We daydream of Mediterranean Isles and Rustic Cornish coastal cottages. Maximum light floods our senses, as we sit, quietly and wait to see what unfolds ahead.

All images copyright Anna Starmer


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