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Food Waste | Ottan Studio

Organic waste from food to leaves transformed into industrial grade hard surfaces and vessels.


+ Creator | Ottan Studio

+ Country | Turkey

+ Colour | Expired red lentils + Coffee pulp

+ Challenge | Can we create hard surfaces which are more sustainable than wood and stone derivatives for product design?


Ottan sample set

“We proudly show you the upcycling of leaves that fall to the ground and are called waste. Our “Earth” is actually much more generous than we think… Look at all the “waste” collected from the streets and gardens.” Ottan Studio

Future Colour | Ottan Studio

The founder of Ottan Studio Ayse Yılmaz, discovered the potential of plant waste as a raw material whilst sitting under a tree in an urban park, watching colourful autumn leaves falling to the ground. Beginning with the foraged leaves she then began to experiment with a wide range of other organic materials such as fruit peels, plant waste and grasses.

Ottan sawn grass sample tile

Circular Materials | Upcycled Organic Waste

Ottan Studio is driven by a passion to design products without depleting the Earth’s natural resources, they believe it is necessary to transform the way we produce if we want to continue to create ‘new’ products. By imagining their production process as a circular economy, they aim to raise awareness about the importance of up-cycling waste and simultaneously preventing excessive landfill.

The Ottan team have come up with an innovative process, in which they turn organic waste into high-quality, commercially viable products. Ottan Studio has developed a circular production model which encompasses the waste ingredients and the process of manufacturing the hard surface, their materials have a wide potential for application across both architecture and product design.

Ottolenghi kitchen X Ottan surfaces

Waste Colour | Red lentils to Coffee Pulp

Ottan Studio has developed sustainable bio-composite materials from upcycled food

waste, experimenting with yellow and red expired lentils, as well as purple carrot and beet pulp for a rich blackberry-coloured material. Through their research and development, Ottan Studio is able to preserve the natural colour and texture of the raw ingredient, which means no artificial colour is added.

These natural surfaces can be applied to retail and residential for walls and hard surfaces, they are even looking into new material production for automotive interiors. The hard surfaces have a beautiful natural texture from the origin of the raw ingredients but are refined to a smooth touch. Perfect for kitchens too as of course this is food-safe and flame resistant.

Waste coffee cups + waste red and green lentils turned into cups

Ottan Samples X Luminary Studio

New materials have been developed from a wide variety of plant and food pulp. The coffee pulp offers a rich deep espresso colour with a delicate mottled texture. The rich colour of red or yellow lentils is magically preserved within the material, and more textured and subtle finishes can be seen from eggshell, walnut shell or grasses.

“It’s possible with Ottan to bring the peace of walking on the beach indoors. With upcycled egg and walnut shells, you will experience the richness of the beach in designs.” Ottan Studio


Future Colour | Find out More

Instagram | @ottanstudio


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