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We turn leading-edge insight into the tools the industry needs, each book contains the Macro seasonal overview, six directional themes and sixty colour swatches viewed as hand dyed textile swatches, printed palettes and Adobe ready digital colours.

Issue 30 | Love
  • Issue 30 | Love
  • Issue 30 | Love
  • Issue 30 | Love
  • Issue 30 | Love
  • Issue 30 | Love
  • Issue 30 | Love
  • Issue 30 | Love
  • Issue 30 | Love
  • Issue 30 | Love
  • Issue 30 | Love

Issue 30 | Love

Luminary Issue 30 is created with LOVE. Six stories rooted in a deep love of colour (naturally). In creating the stories within this book we place LOVE at the forefront of how we design and how we work collaboratively toward a better future.


Celebrating over fifteen years of publishing Luminary forecast books, Issue 30 showcases a new design layout, offering even more colour insight. Now with 114 pages of deep research, hundreds of colour palette combinations and original photography created for Luminary by global artists.

  • Atomic Colour: This set of colours simulate nature at her highest level, from the deep green-blue shimmer of a hummingbird feather to the iridescent inky-purple of a sea anemone.

    Romantic Colour: We create baby colours for grown-ups in need of comforting, baby blue and sugar mint offer sweet distraction. Pastel colours for overblown knits, puffed outerwear and marshmallow soft bedding.

    Renaissance Colour: Gilded, lacquered and decorated surfaces glint and glimmer in the lamplight. Golden greens are glossy and decadent, rich olive oil and changeant velvet shimmer.

Future Colour

Global Colour Forecasting

Future Stories

World-leading design insight is translated into the Macro Overview and the six directional stories. 

  • 100 pages of original photography

  • Macroview + Future design insight

  • Digital pdf book + Digital image library 

  • Digital palettes + Adobe swatch colours 


Our specialist partners are commitment to working with responsible production methods.

  • Certified carbon balanced

  • FSC certified recycled paper

  • Printed with non-toxic vegetable ink

  • Digital process to reduce water waste

Colour Library

We have over 1100 colours available to order, created to an exacting standard by our industry specialists.

  • 60 hand dyed technical swatches

  • Botanical dyed vintage fabrics

  • 120 mounted fabric palettes

  • Printed colour combinations