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We turn leading-edge insight into the tools the industry needs, each book contains the Macro seasonal overview, six directional themes and sixty colour swatches viewed as hand dyed textile swatches, printed palettes and Adobe ready digital colours.

Issue 29 | Kinship
  • Issue 29 | Kinship
  • Issue 29 | Kinship
  • Issue 29 | Kinship
  • Issue 29 | Kinship
  • Issue 29 | Kinship
  • Issue 29 | Kinship
  • Issue 29 | Kinship
  • Issue 29 | Kinship

Issue 29 | Kinship

In Issue 29 we search for new forms of ‘kinship’, as global communities realise the inextricable links between human actions and the health of our planet.

“The planet needs us to build a kinship of co-creation, an interconnected, kindred global family of makers, inventors, business leaders and dreamers.”

Anna Starmer

  • As the Earth heats up and our climate changes we embrace new seasonal cycles, fashion calendars become obsolete. Design is a driving force, an alchemical practice which can turn waste into beauty and infuse our manufacturing industry with a rekindled form of hope. We are seeking out colour and materials which reflect the changing needs of our planet and all living things.

Future Colour

Global Colour Forecasting

Future Stories

World-leading design insight is translated into the Macro Overview and the six directional stories. 

  • 100 pages of original photography

  • Macroview + Future design insight

  • Digital pdf book + Digital image library 

  • Digital palettes + Adobe swatch colours 


Our specialist partners are commitment to working with responsible production methods.

  • Certified carbon balanced

  • FSC certified recycled paper

  • Printed with non-toxic vegetable ink

  • Digital process to reduce water waste

Colour Library

We have over 1100 colours available to order, created to an exacting standard by our industry specialists.

  • 60 hand dyed technical swatches

  • Botanical dyed vintage fabrics

  • 120 mounted fabric palettes

  • Printed colour combinations