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Silvia Acién

The next generation of Fashion Graduates.

Image courtesy of Silvia Acién


+ Creator | Silvia Acién

+ Country | Spain

+ Colour | Natural dyes from bacteria and invasive plants

+ Challenge | How can we align our heritage in our practice?


Silvia Acién is a Spanish fashion designer from the rural part of Andalusia. Growing up in a farm living in a symbiotic relationship with nature has had a significant impact on Silvia’s life and creative approach. We featured her Central St Martins Graduate collection in Luminary Issue 29 | Kinship; this book is an investigation into the future of colour and materials, and how we can all work in harmony with all living things on Earth.

Image extract from Luminary Issue 29

“There has never been a more important time to design well. We can consider our 'Kin' at each stage of the design process, implement strategies committed to a regenerative approach, preserving the earth's resources and promoting biodiversity.” Anna Starmer

Images courtesy of Silvia Acién

Sylvia creates crochet garments using plant based biodegradable Nettle yarn from The Nettle Circle and her knitted dresses from pineapple yarn from @pinayarn. Yarns are botanically dyed with local invasive plants.

"This collection is a passionate ode to the liminal space between existence and non-existence. It weaves together the intricate dance of natural dyes with the tapestry of life, a sacred cycle intimately entwined with the very essence of our Earth and the boundless universe. Silvia Acién

Guided by her grandmother’s wisdom, Silvia created a body of work honouring her roots, weaving together the identity and knowledge of her ancestors she combines traditional

techniques with local organic fibres, such as Esparto and Cañaberas. These designs represent a deep commitment to a regenerative approach and the preservation of Earth’s resources; from promoting biodiversity and adopting practices that ensure minimal water usage, to the use of botanical dyed fabrics and recycled or deadstock materials.

Images courtesy of Silvia Acién

 Throughout the collection Sylvia has explored the use of textile dyestuff and colours extracted from invasive plants that are affecting biodiversity in the UK, Canada and China. She has experimented with plants which grow wild in urban environments including goldenrod, buddleia, Japanese knot weed and Green Alkanet.

Acién graduated from the Central Saint Martins BA Knitwear course in 2023. During her degree, she won the Maison/0 x LVMH Green Trial Award and the Frameworks Knitters Award, and showed her work in The Future Fabric Expo and TATE MODERN. Silvia was featured in magazines such as Office, FG*K, Malvie, Hunter, Sicky, Sleek, and Aether. She also took part in several Fundraising catwalks and won the Central Saint Martins Nike project.

Image courtesy of Silvia Acién

With each stitch, I am not just creating a garment, but a symbol of my connection to my ancestors, my community, and the earth. Through my collection, I aim to inspire a deeper appreciation for the natural world and the importance of preserving our heritage for future generations." Silvia Acién

Her approach is a legacy that stretches through time, starting with her ancestors and reaching to future generations, embedding authenticity inside the practice of textile design, honouring our deep connection with the Earth, and representing a thoughtful, heartfelt practice of care. Her work links future design thinking with a deep respect for our Earth and an ongoing investigation into better colour and material use, forming a deep 'Kinship' between the designer and Mother Earth.

Images courtesy of Silvia Acién


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